Special Thanks

IMG_0886[1]The Eisenhower Fellows Association in the Republic of China (Taiwan) is a remarkable network. The most active Fellowship group outside the U.S., members of the group sponsored my trip to Taiwan, and acted as generous hosts, tour guides, educators and mentors throughout my time here. Today after an informative and educational discussion with former prime minister and vice president of Taiwan Mr. Vincent C. Siew (1985 Fellow), I attended the group’s monthly board meeting to enjoy a meal and express my thanks for my experience here. To give you an idea of the scope and breadth of Eisenhower Fellows in Taiwan, I’m including a list of attendees to this particular board meeting, along with business titles below. This is a small percentage of the total number of Fellows in Taiwan. Several of the gentlemen listed below spent time with me over the past days, helping me to understand the many economic, political and practical aspects of a wide range of topics including architecture, associations, history, food, culture, education, government, consumers, relationships, and, of course, agriculture and the beef business in Taiwan. I list the attendees here not because I’m a name dropper (although if I were to indulge, this list would be a good place to start!), but because I am once again amazed at the power of the Eisenhower Fellowship  network–in Taiwan and around the world–and I want to share that with you.

  • Mr. Shui-teh Hsu (Chairman, 1978 Fellow)
  • Mr. Lung-sheng Chang (Host, 1975 Fellow) — Chairman, Urban Regeneration R&D Foundation
  • Mr. Earle J. S. Ho (1980 Fellow) — Chairman, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation
  • Mr. George Yu-jen Kao (1983 Fellow) (TBC) — Chairman, 21st Century Foundation
  • Mr. Vincent C. Siew (1985 Fellow) — Former Vice President for ROC
  • Mr. Paul Cheng-hsiung Chiu (1988 Fellow) — Chairman, Bank SinoPac
  • Mr. Shih-chien Yang (1994 Fellow) — Chairman, Capital Management Fund
  • Mr. Ching-Chang Yen (1995 Fellow) — Chairman, Yuanta Financial Holdings
  • Mr. Chi Schive (1996 Fellow) — Minister without Portfolio, Minister of State, Executive Yuan
  • Mr. Thomas Mu-tsai Chen (1997 Fellow) — Chairman, China Development Financial
  • Mr. Jimmy Shoei-Jiang Chang (1998 Fellow) — Chairman, Choice Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Ms. Jih-Chu Lee (2001 Fellow) — Chairwoman, National Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Harvey Chang (2002 Fellow) — Chairman, TVBS (Television Broadcasts Satellite)
  • Mr. Eric Li-luan Chu (2003 Fellow) — Mayor, New Taipei City Government
  • Mr. Chung-Hua Shen (2006 Fellow) — Professor, National Taiwan University
  • Mr. Julian J. Kuo (2006 Fellow) — Former Legislator, Legislative Yuan
  • Mr. Victor Kuan (2011 Fellow) — Chairman, Citibank Taiwan Ltd.

After the board meeting, the Fellows handed me over to U.S. Meat Export Federation for two additional days of education. We head home via Tokyo and San Francisco on Saturday. Again, heartfelt thanks to these and others who made this gestalt-shifting experience possible. Special thanks to Chinatrust, and Mr. David Liu, Ms. Sandia Lee (thanks for your astonishing patience with my constant flow of questions), Mr. Matt Li, Mr. Bruce Hu (a big Dodgers fan) and last but certainly not least, Mr. Vincent Lin (2013 Fellow and Chairman, TransAsia Airlines).


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